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We offer a unique product, copied by many but equaled by none. Becoming more popular every day as the ultimate party accessory.  N.Ireland's Number 1 Party photographers The Party Press takes party photography to a whole new level. For a modest rate, our fun loving professional photographers can join you at any location.  Taking part in the event, getting to know people, treating the experience as though we are a guest, interacting with family and friends and capturing treasured memories for a lifetime.  


Our services can be tailored to meet all your photography needs and suit any budget!  When our editors are finished with the images, they will have transformed your faded memories into a fun and lively keepsake. Not your usual clutter of pictures which end up in a shoe-box at the bottom of the wardrobe but Hi-resolution DVDs containing 100s of images with music of your choice to watch over and over, all personal and unique to YOU! 


For bookings or enquiries Email or TXT on +44 (0)7594718832

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